Which Young Royals character are you ?

This is THE Netflix series of the moment. A love story mixed with royalty and betrayal, the Swedes have managed to make our hearts beat faster throughout this first season. And if you were part of this universe, which Young Royals character would you be?

What is your favorite animal ?

You've got a big crush, what are you doing ?

You are invited to a last minute weekend with your friends.

What type of movies/show do you prefer ?

How are / were you at school ?

What do you do at night ?

Two people are arguing in the subway for a seat.

Your last thought before sleeping ?

Which Young Royals character are you ?
You are Wilhelm !

You are a romantic at heart. Your crush invades your thoughts day and night and you are way too shy to try to get closer, so you just watch them from a distance and think about them. You let yourself be carried along by life but you are waiting for THE change that will allow you to be really enthusiastic. Whether it's a person, a passion, whatever, you want to find what will really make you live. You're a bit jaded with life, but you blame yourself because you think you're not the one to complain about. You're just waiting for what will make you feel good.
You are Simon !

You're a lovely person that's for sure! You're a bit of a nerd and that makes you endearing. Your friends are important to you and you are important to them. Always with a smile on your face, you bringjoy to everyone around you. Often on the net or thinking about your crush, the rest of the time you like to go out and relax with your friends over a board game or video game.
You are Sara !

You are an introvert by nature and you are often a bit sad. You don't have many friends and you think that people don't like you very much, probably because of bad experiences in the past but you are much more appreciated than you think, you are a good person. Stop doubting yourself and open yourself to others, they can surprise you! And at worst, social relationships are not for everyone, it does not take away the precious value that characterizes you! And stop worrying, give yourself the possibility to make mistakes, everybody does, don't be too hard on yourself.
You are Felice !

In love with someone who already has a partner, your parents are putting too much pressure on you, you don't really like your studies, in short you're a bit tired of it all... Fortunately, your group of friends helps you forget about this situation from time to time. But your life is not easy, you have a big weight on your shoulders and it's hard every day. But you do what you can to keep up.
You are August !

Uh... Well. What can I say? You obviously make a lot of bad decisions, but it's never too late to change and try to become better! You like to go out a lot, to party, to see your friends. Maybe you try to avoid being alone with yourself in any way you can so you don't think about the problems in your life. You avoid this at all costs.
You are Erik !

If we had to choose one word to define your life, it would probably be "responsibilities". You don't have too much time to find what you really like in life. You either live alone or you're probably the oldest of your siblings. You work a lot, you want everything in your life to be perfect. You are a perfectionist and you can't afford any mistakes in your life. But you are human, you have the right to take time for yourself! The world can afford to let you have a day to yourself. Enjoy your life!

So, what do you think of the result?