Ronen Rubinstein makes his big come back to the Dream It At Home 14 !

On August 21st and 22nd, 2021, you will have the opportunity to meet many of your favorite actors during a convention by Zoom! Among them, a regular of the DIAH is back for our greatest pleasure. He was already present at the second, third or even the eleventh edition, and he is back to share new moments with the fans, ladies and gentlemen, the famous Ronen Rubinstein!

Dream It‘s recent announcement about Ronen’s presence makes fans happy to create new memories with him. The young man was not present at the last edition and he is finally back, marking his seventh appearance at the Dream It At Home conventions.

Ronen is best known for playing the role of TK Strand in the 911 Lone Star series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The young actor had directly seen the requests for his presence at conventions swell, and Dream It took care of it.

Several activities in his company will be available such as panels, meetings, 1-1 for a privileged private moment. You can also find our Live Tweet of Ronen’s panel at the DIAH!

Ronen is not the only actor you will be able to meet this summer at the DIAH14. At his side, several actors from the ShadowHunters series will come. You will be able to meet Katherine McNamara, Harry Shum Jr. or even Luke Baines. But that’s not just that, the actors of the Netflix series Julie And The Phantoms will also be present. Booboo Stewart, Madison Reyes, Savannah Lee May, Sacha Carlson, they will all be there! Swedish actor Malte Gardinger from the new hit series Young Royals will also be there for his first virtual convention! You can find our interview with Malte right here!

This guest list already makes you impatient? So are we! And yet, it is not finished. More actors are yet to be announced very soon by Dream It. Until then, you can go to the ticketing page to make sure you meet your favorite artists that are already announced.