You don’t know what to watch anymore? We suggest : Extraordinary You!

Summer vacation means the possibility to watch new TV series. And there is nothing better than being able to binge watch episodes. So we present you today one of our favorites: Extraordinary You.

We’ve heard it all before, when we have a lot of series to watch, we don’t have time, and when we finally have time to watch some, we don’t know what to watch. Don’t panic, we are here to help you. Extraordinary You is a masterful and exhilarating Korean drama that will take you from laughter to tears.

Some of you will probably tell us -and you are right- that this drama is already famous. However, the prejudices about Kdramas are still too strong in some minds that will miss this artwork, so it is our duty to make a propaganda at the height of this drama.

Extraordinary You is a series of 16 episodes of one hour, available on Netflix. The two main actors are Kim Hye-yoon, and Rowoon the famous member of the Kpop group SF9.

So what is it about? Buckle up, the story will take you to Korea, to a prestigious high school where friendships, love and dramas are mixed. But what makes this series different from the others? Well, the main character, Dan-Oh realizes that she has frequent memory loss, that she finds herself in some places without remembering how she got there, and all her classmates forget moments that she remembers perfectly, as if they had never happened.

She thinks she has amnesia, she even believes she is going crazy or can see the future. The young girl, who has heart failure and who is engaged to her crush, no longer understands what is happening to her, until she finally realizes that her world is in fact the world of a romantic Manhwa (Korean equivalent of manga). She understands that she is only responding to the author’s will, and that her memory problems are due to the empty spaces between two different scenes in a Manhwa.

Dan-Oh will not want to give up, she does not want her life to be reduced to the will of an author obviously determined to make her suffer in his artwork, between her heart disease and her fiancé who is extremely mean to her, the young girl is willing to change her destiny. She will do everything to succeed, especially when she realizes that a young man is the only one who is actually able to change the pre-written scenes of Dan-Oh.

Besides the two main characters, the other characters are extremely endearing! You will navigate between pure love, disappointments, adrenaline, angst, incredible evolutions of some characters and so on. In any case, this is a series that will help you believe in love again. A word of advice though: get the tissues ready before you embark on this rollercoaster ride.

I hope we have convinced you, one request: give the product a chance! It’s really worth it. Anyway, to start with Kdramas, it’s just perfect as an initiation to the universe. And if you liked it, come back to see our next recommendations of Korean dramas, there are many gems!

Tell us what you thought of it !