Heartstopper : the graphic novel VS the series

It’s been almost 2 weeks since ‘Heartstopper’ was released on Netflix and one thing is for sure: it was a great success. Not only the making of the episodes, but also the choice of the cast; everything was perfect! Speaking of that, how about comparing the characters drawn by Alice Oseman to the actors?

Let’s start with the beginning ; Nick and Charlie :

Drawn version VS…

The actors : Kit Connor (Nick) and Joe Locke (Charlie) !

And we’ll take this opportunity to thank Alice Oseman for having chosen the perfect living models of her characters! Who knows, without her Kit Connor might have played Charlie well (and yes…he was the one he auditioned for in the first place).

Tao et Elle ; the inseparable ones :

As much to say that Yasmin Finney and Will Gao could not be better chosen to interpret the two friends of Charlie! On the other hand, a small mystery remains… Why did you do this haircut to Tao ? The two strands that stick out during the whole season, it’s still a lot.

By the way: no we didn’t forget Isaac! He just didn’t exist in the graphic novel, but it’s Aled Last, who is a bit different, who was in it. The same goes for Imogen who doesn’t exist in the books, but to whom Rhea Norwood lent her features.

Tara and Darcy :

Drawn versions :

And their interpreters : Corinna Brown and Kizzy Edgell!

Picture perfect, right?

And how can we forget…

Tori Spring, Nick’s sister :

Let us agree, the drawn character and the actress, Jenny Walser, resemble each other like two drops of water (it is certainly the wig that the latter wears that makes everything!).

And of course, the one without which Heartstopper would not be Heartstopper : Nellie!

The same color spots and the same ears: what more could you ask for?

The final word :

We think you did too, but we sure did love Heartstopper! Whether it was the representation of the LGBT+ community, the awareness of harassment or, as this article showed, the resemblance of Alice Oseman’s characters to the actors; everything was on point!

We hope to have news soon for the potential season 2!