3 anime to watch in August !

We are finally in August! For many of you, you are still (or finally) on vacations. What could be better than to prepare a little watchlist with 3 anime that are starting to make a name for themselves ?

Shiroi Suna No Aquatope

This anime was the second anime we presented in our series of articles; and one thing is certain, we strongly recommend you to start watching it. With already four episodes available, the anime was able to captivate us. The relationship that is created between the two main characters was (for us) unexpected. Is it a simple friendship or the beginning of a romance? We will wait to see this evolution in the next episodes.

Tokyo Revengers

It is the anime of the moment! A man who has the power to make time jumps to save his only love of youth, but also to be able to make up for not being a ‘failure’ anymore, many dream of it, and well Takemichi Hanagaki is capable of it. The anime proposes then to follow the evolution of the main character. An evolution which must be radical because he will have to arm himself with a lot of courage and strength not to make the same mistakes anymore.
We like the anime very much. We have just watched about ten episodes in one day! And the continuation promises to be even more interesting.

Vanitas No Carte

Are you a vampire fan? Then this anime is for you! The anime takes place in the 19th century, when vampire attacks are repeated. Noah and Vanitas will then team up to put order in the world of the vampires, since the golden rule is not to touch the humans. The anime is really very attractive, and having not read the mangas, we are eager to see the sequel. Vanitas No Carte is also part of the anime that we will present to you very soon.