‘Tomodachi Game’ : the new adaptation of a manga that will be a hit

If you loved Squid Game or Alice in Boderland, then you must not miss ‘Tomodachi Game’, a new anime which will be released next month! The SoundsOfSeries team tells you more about it!

Tomodachi Game is a manga based on a psychological thriller, running since December 2013. The latter is a highly anticipated adaptation by fans that will be released on April 5, 2022 on Crunchyroll.

SYNOPSIS OF ‘Tomodachi Game’ :

“Yuuchi is a sophomore in high school in the same class as his friends Makoto, Shiho, Tenji and Yutori. Yuuchi is a hard worker. In fact, in order to raise money for a school trip, he has been working at several jobs and has participated a lot in the collection. But their teacher tells them that the 20 million yens collected have been stolen, and without any doubt by a student of the class. The same evening, with his friends, he is attacked by an unknown person. All 5 of them wake up in a closed room where a mascot, Manabu, tells them that they are in debt and that they will have to play several games to win money. The time has come for them to confess the lies… Will their friendship survive?” – (via Animix)


Well, we can think that this will be the anime of the season ! The synopsis kind of reminds us of the universe of Alice in Borderland or even Squid Game. Both of these dramas have been very successful all over the world, so there is no reason why it should not be the case for ‘Tomodachi Game’. We can expect suspense, betrayals and totally improbable situations. So we advise you to start watching the anime next month; we surely won’t regret it!