3 things we learned from The Peripheral team during our roundtable

We had the chance to interview some of the team members of new Prime Video series “The Peripheral” before the show started, here’s some of the things we learned during our talk.

N°1: This show is a true viewing pleasure!

Vincenzo Natali, the director, explained how easy it has to get lost in the sets, it had “surprisingly little CGI”! Charlotte Riley agreed, she plays Aelita in the show and she said there wasn’t “a huge amount of green screen” and she was impressed when she saw the visual effects after shooting (very small spoiler: she talked about “incredible Greek statuses”).

Several actors also talked about their costumes, JJ Field (Lez Zubov in The Peripheral) for example said that his costume was “ridiculous,” “amazing” and “extraordinary suits on”, so you should pay attention to those while watching the show!

N°2: The show will definitely make you want to read the novel, The Peripheral by William Gibson.

When Vincenzo brought the book to Lisa Joy (the creator of the show, along with Jonathan Nolan), she read it in one go (“it was a very late night!”) and the next morning, she was convinced and ready to do it!

Gary Carr (who plays Wilf Netherton) already knew the novel and he understood all the science behind it. This took Charlotte a little more research: “as an actor you’re suspended your disbelief because the technology hasn’t been developed yet, I didn’t want to mess it up, you need to make sure everybody is on the same page.”

JJ Feild describe the book as “a muscular read, but it’s the goal, you have to project so much of your imagination”, which is a good thing is you love sci-fi!

N°3- Sci-fi never felt more real

T’Nia Miller (Cherise in The Peripheral) said that “even if it’s sci-fi, the show feels very real and very connected to where we are now”. JJ Field has the same perception, this story can be seen as a real lesson, if we don’t think about tomorrow and if the concentration of wealth stays as it is right now, we could very much end up in the same world, which is not a good thing…

On a lighter note, Julian Moore-Cook (who plays Ossian) is still curious of what the future will hold, “it could be exciting, and scary but I’d love to see”. For now, we can at least discover what the world in The Peripheral has to offer and we’ll see for our real world later!

Have you seen the first episodes of The Peripheral, already available on Prime Video? If so, tell us in the comments if you liked it!