Mark Pellegrino did not audition for his role of Lucifer in Supernatural !

We don’t have to introduce the actor Mark Pellegrino anymore, our very dear Lucifer in Supernatural but also well known for his role of Tony Tucci. He remains one of the fans’ favorite actor and we quickly understand why with this interview he gave us during the DarkLight Con 4 by People Con.

Mark is used to conventions based on the series Supernatural, and despite a good amount of interviews that he has done, it is always a pleasure for him to talk about his role in the show but also about his personal projects, after several years as Lucifer.

During our interview, Mark confided to us that to him, the shooting of the series felt like finding his family, not only friends or co-stars, he felt at home and to hear that from one of his favorite actors is really magic, we feel in his words how much it was fulfilling to shoot. And he also tells us that he never auditioned for the role, but that the team simply called him to play Lucifer in the show!

To the question “Which other character would you have played if it had not been Lucifer ?” he answers without a doubt : Dean. His very complete and true answer shows how much he knows the characters of this universe, and that feels great ! It feels like we are meeting Dean again throughout his words.


You can find our interview with Mark Pellegrino during the DarkLight Con 4 by PeopleCon right here :