4 unforgettable moments from the “The Happy Ending 4” by PeopleCon

One month ago, the SoundsOfSeries team went to the fifth edition of the Once Upon A Time convention by PeopleCon. A convention that made an impression, since it was the first big real convention since the health crisis. It is now time to tell you about the moments that marked us the most.


If there is one panel that has marked this edition, it is Lana Parilla’s one, the main actress of the series. The panel took place before the opening ceremony and it was Lana’s first time meeting her French fans. The latter was therefore very moved. Indeed, she was very happy to see her fans after the health crisis. She said it several times before shedding tears. But that’s not all. In the middle of the panel, a button of the actress’ shirt (at the level of her chest) popped off. That made Lana alternate between tears of joy to be able to see her fans again and tears of laughter. A panel that will remain engraved in memories.


This opening ceremony was special. It was the first time the actors were together since the health crisis. Indeed, the THEC3 was the very first Once Upon A Time convention, so it was time to reunite. The actors were therefore happy to see each other again, and to see the fans. Between hugs and tears, and the joy of seeing each other again, this moment was magical. 


Despite the health crisis and sometimes the plexiglass, the extras were a highlight of the convention. The actors were all excited both on stage, and behind it during photoshoots and autographs. Tears, hugs, smiles… only good vibes for this first huge French convention. These beautiful moments could be immortalized on our souvenir video! Feel free to check it out.


If there is one panel that deserves its place in this top, it’s this one! Tears of laughter from the beginning to the end. You have to know that Lana and Bex are the inseparable duo of Once Upon A Time. So it was to be expected. Between the fact that she gives long answers and that she remembers that Fanny has to translate what has been said and the heat in the room, they were wild. And it was hilarious!

This weekend with the cast of Once Upon A Time was magical. A moment that will remain engraved in the fans’ memories since this edition, as you probably understood, was special.