Write to your favorite actors from Julie and The Phantoms, High School Musical and to Kenny Ortega thanks to fanbooks!

Are you a fan of Charlie Gillespie, Madison Reyes, Lucas Grabeel and Kenny Ortega? You want to write them a little note? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will give you all the information about fanbooks and how to write to your favorite actors!

What is a fanbook?

A fanbook is a book put together by a fan filled with messages from fans that is then given to the actor at the convention. Although there is one person in charge, it is important to remember that without the participation of other fans, there is no fanbook. The fanbook is a way to convey your messages, your love to an actor and the handing over of the fanbook is often a very touching moment, especially for young actors who are not used to receiving fanbooks or letters from fans.

In a fanbook, you can find small messages, photos, letters or even other things depending on what the person in charge decides. Everything is done to please the actor and make him feel the love of the fans. That’s why, even if you don’t have much to say to the actor, it’s always good to write a little message of support if you like him!

A fanbook is also an opportunity to send your letter/message to your favorite actor, especially if you’re not going to the convention or meeting them. Actors love fanbooks and take the time to read them, especially when it’s their first fanbook. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Charlie Gillespie’s fanbook

Charlie Gillespie will be present at the Back To The Musical World convention by our partners Dream It Conventions in Paris in December. After the success of Julie and The Phantoms and the expectation of a potential season 2, Charlie was one of the most anticipated guests of the convention by the fans. If you don’t go to the convention, the fanbook is a great opportunity to show your support to Charlie, but also to leave him a little message, you can be sure that he will be happy to read it, especially because it will be one of his first fanbooks! Here is all the information you need to send your entry to Fallon who is in charge of the fanbook and will give it to him.

Deadline: November 10th (for all projects involving a photo)

Where to send your entry: fanbookcharlie@hotmail.com or by DM on Twitter

Fanbook Twitter: @CharlieBTTMW

The different projects for the fanbook

Project 1 – Around the world: All you have to do is write “I support you from” + the name of your city on a piece of paper and take a picture.

Project 2 – Letters for Charlie: You can send your texts (letters, messages…) for Charlie. If you have something to tell him, this project is for you.

Project 3 – Koa’s Friends: For this one, all you have to do is send a cute or funny picture of your pet and its name.

Project 4 – About JATP: Favorite song? Favorite character? Favorite sentence? Favorite episode? What does JATP mean to you? + your name and a picture of yourself if you like.

You can also send your fanart of Charlie and/or JATP!

Madison Reyes’ fanbook

Madison Reyes who plays Julie in Julie and The Phantoms will also be at the convention themed on the works of Kenny Ortega, feel free to send Noah your letters, messages and fan art for Madison, as well as participate in the various projects.

Deadline: November 1

Where to send your entry: fanbookmadisonreyes@laposte.net

Fanbook Twitter: @FanbookMadison

The different projects for the fanbook

Project 1 : Send your fanarts, makeups, handmade jewelry…

Project 2 : Send a picture of yourself.

Project 3: Send a photo of you holding a note with I love you Madison written on it in your native language.

You can also send your letters/messages…

Lucas Grabeel’s fanbook

If you are a fan of Kenny Ortega’s films and you too grew up with the Disney Channel, then you are most likely familiar with the High School Musical films. The talented Lucas Grabeel who plays Sharpay’s brother Ryan will be with us at the convention. Feel free to send your messages/letters of support for Lucas to Justine who is in charge of his fanbook and participating in the different projects! It’s time to bring back some memories!

Deadline: November 17th

Where to send your participation: fanbooklucasbttmw@gmail.com or on Twitter

Twitter of the fanbook : @LucasBTTMW

The different projects for the fanbook

Project 1 – Discovering the world with us: Small project that will allow Lucas to discover our little countries/cities. All you have to do is to send me a dm or by mail what characterizes your city or country (gastronomy, cultural, places to visit, etc…)

Project 2 – Welcome to East High : This little project is very simple, you just have to recreate a scene from High School Musical in a picture, or to highlight your hidden talent.

You can also send your Lucas and/or High School Musical fan art!

Kenny Ortega’s fanbook

A convention about Kenny Ortega’s films and series could not be done without Kenny Ortega himself! Don’t hesitate to participate to his fanbook made by Bérénice.

Deadline: November 28th

Where to send your participation : by DM on Twitter

Twitter of the fanbook : @KOFanbook

The different projects for the fanbook

Project 1: A photo with Kenny or a photo of you with a sign that says “we love you Kenny” in your language

Project 2: A fan letter for Kenny (include your first name, age and @ insta at the end of the letter)

Project 3: Favorite quotes from the Kenny universe

Project 4: Kenny universe’s favorite songs

Project 5: A word to describe: Kenny / hsm / descendants / jatp

Project 6: Say in which country or city you live to place on a map

Project 7 : Fanarts (drawings, tattoos, make up, embroidery, custom…) around Kenny’s universe

Project 8 : Movies and series that you would recommend to Kenny

Don’t hesitate to share with the fans you know around you, and to participate to the fanbooks to show some love to your favorite actors! If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact the people in charge of the fanbook!