‘BERLIN’: Our Review of the Spin-off Landing on Netflix!

La Casa de Papel” enthusiasts are about to dive into the highly anticipated spin-off, “Berlin,” which sheds light on the iconic character played by Pedro Alonso. Excitement is at its peak, and we had the privilege of experiencing the series in its entirety in advance. This new adventure promises to unveil the mysteries surrounding Berlin, and our detailed review awaits you below!

The spin-off “Berlin” immerses us in a thorough exploration of the enigmatic character’s past life, as briefly hinted at in the flashbacks of the recent seasons of “Money Heist.” Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso, unveils his philosophy that only two things have the power to turn a bad day into a good one: love and a million-dollar salary. It is this conviction that guides him toward noble goals and determines his unwavering focus.


The “Berlin” spin-off from “Money Heist” introduces a gallery of new characters surrounding Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso. The story delves into the glorious period of Berlin, long before the discovery of his illness and the events at the Royal Spanish Mint. Among the new faces is Keila, played by Michelle Jenner, a virtuoso in electrical engineering and cybersecurity. Damián, portrayed by Tristán Ulloa, is an engineer, physicist, and chemist, ideal for bringing Berlin’s bold ideas to fruition. Additionally, we meet Cameron, embodied by Begoña Vargas, who brings bravery to the team, motivated by a specific reason. Roi, played by Julio Peña Fernández, excels in lock picking and might just unlock all doors, including that of his own heart. Lastly, Bruce, played by Joel Sánchez, is an expert in gadget manipulation, from weapons to sturdy cranes and thermal lances. With such a diverse and promising cast, success seems assured upon the series’ release.

Big surprise for ‘La Casa de Papel’ fans: Itziar Ituño and Najwa Nimri will reprise their roles as Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra. This is sure to strike fear into Berlin’s team.


As revealed in the series trailer, Berlin and his five geniuses are planning a heist in the largest auction house in Paris, targeting its director, Polignac. They strategically position themselves close to him to observe him more closely. Venturing beneath Paris, into the catacombs, they aim to execute the heist of the century. However, complications arise when Berlin falls under the charm of Camille, Polignac’s wife. And as if that weren’t enough… oh no! Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra, two brilliant investigators, take charge of the case, instilling fear among the six burglars.


Upon the announcement of the series, there were concerns that it might feel like a ‘repeat’ of “Money Heist.” However, “Berlin” successfully captures the essence of the original series while adding a unique touch. It’s not just a heist with flashbacks; rather, it delves into the preparation and character development. The new team becomes endearing, keeping us in an emotional whirlwind throughout the 8 episodes, much like the experience with “La Casa de Papel.”

Berlin” proves to be an intriguing and captivating spin-off, driven by a talented cast, thrilling moments, and action-packed scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It successfully captures the essence and spirit of its predecessor, delivering a unique spectacle.