‘BERLIN’ : The spin-off recruits new actors for the heist!

“Berlin” is arriving tomorrow, December 29th, on Netflix! We had the privilege of previewing this spin-off from ‘Money Heist’ and discovering new actors for a heist that promises to be explosive! While iconic characters like El Profesor, Rio, or Tokyo will be missed, a new generation (or rather an old one, if we follow the series chronology) is taking the lead. Here are the introductions:

Begoña Vargas

Begoña takes on the role of Cameron in the series, playing a dynamic and essential character within Berlin’s group. However, Cameron is not a very stable person, which poses a risk to the safety of his comrades during the heist.

Michelle Jenner

Michelle will portray Keila, a mysterious character with a complex past. She will play a crucial role in the heist, being a virtuoso in electrical engineering and cybersecurity. She will enable the group to execute the heist without being exposed, showcasing her expertise in preventing detection.

Julio Peña

Roi will be portrayed by Julien. He excels in lock picking. However, love can sometimes be his downfall, making him vulnerable to the point of jeopardizing the mission.

Tristán Ulloa

Tristán, in the role of Damián, embodies a crucial character for Berlin. He serves as a co-leader in the heist alongside Berlin, appearing to act as a mentor due to his experience and expertise.

Joel Sánchez

This is the last character on the team; Joel will play Bruce, an expert in manipulating gadgets, from weapons to sturdy cranes and thermal lances. This skill set will enable the heist team to gain access to the vault of the largest auction house in Paris.

Let’s not forget Julien Paschal, who will play the role of Polignac, the target of the heist. Julien describes his character as “powerful.” Polignac is the head of the Paris auction house. Our interview with Julien Paschal will be released very soon on our YouTube channel.