Percy Jackson on Disney + ? We tell you more…

If you didn’t know it yet, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson saga is going to be adapted to the screen again but this time as a series and by Disney +. The announcement of the main actor happened this week, and fans are more than delighted.

Everyone (hopefully) knows Percy Jackson from the books based on Greek mythology or the two movies released in 2010 and 2013 respectively. To summarize: at the age of 12, Percy discovers that he is the son of Poseidon. Being a demigod, he goes to the Half-Blood colony, where all demigods can train to survive.

The books have had a very large fan community for many years, and according to the comments, the movies of the time did not give half the potential of Percy’s universe because of the direction, the choice of actors but also the liberties taken.

A new adaptation was therefore very expected, and this time to have the author of the books (almost) in charge of it. It’s done, thanks to Disney +, a series is well planned and the casting is at this very moment being auditioned. The role of Percy has been given to a young actor that you must have seen on your screens!

Walker Scobell

It is the young actor recently discovered in the netflix movie “The Adam Project” (with Ryan Reynolds), and who is also a fan of the saga of Rick’s books, so imagine how delighted fans are from A to Z. There’s a big change between Logan Lerman (Percy in the movies) and him, for cause? Their ages. Walker is Percy’s exact age in the books, while Logan played him when he was 18 as a teenager. Initially, as a reminder, Percy Jackson was 12 years old. A more than understandable change for an adaptation to be faithful.

The rest of the casting should not delay to see the day, but Rick Riordan and Disney + take their time, the author recalls that for him the color of hair, skin, eyes or other does not count so much. The performance of an actor can change everything, and he just wants to see his characters come to life.