Charlie Cox : Social Medias are getting mad but who is he ?

You maybe already saw his face on social medias or more recently at the cinema since Spider-Man : No Way Home. He’s Daredevil but who is really the man behind the mask ? Charlie Cox ! And we tell you everything you need to know !


Charlie Cox is an English actor of 39 years old, married et father of two childrens. He had a drama formation from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. After that, he had some roles in movies and tv shows as Stardust, Stone of Destiny, Moby Dick, Kin or Boardwalk Empire. But it’s really in 2015 that we discovered him with the serie Marvel Netflix : Daredevil.

Daredevil & the MCU

The tv show, release on Netflix, have 3 seasons of 13 episodes each. The Marvel Netflix tv shows include Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist (who forme the Defenders) as well as The Punisher. In 2018, Netflix annonce the cancellation one by one. They may be returning after all the rights are back but without any certitude. Fans are not agreed and raise their voices through social media after the incredible season 3. The Twitter account and website #SaveDaredevil are created with differents actions. With the help of @CharlieCoxFR in France. Surprise in 2022, Disney annonce officially his come back on Disney+ ! A reboot is on his way, Daredevil : Born Again, tv show expected in 2024 with 18 episodes.

New projects

Meanwhile, Charlie Cox and his character of Matt Murdock, a.k.a Daredevil didn’t remain inactive. You saw him as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man : No Way Home. And he’s already announced in differents projects into the MCU. He will be back very soon, on August 18 in She-Hulk, who will be available on Disney+. But also in Echo, spin-off of Hawkeye (expected in 2023). 2024 will be his big come back into the reboot Daredevil and in Spider-Man : Freshman Year (2024) as Daredevil’s voice into the animated serie. A busy schedule !
But it’s this really short apparition into She-Hulk trailer who caused a sensation on social media. Why ? Because he’s wearing a new black and yellow suit…

Until all these new projets, the whole Defenders series are available on Disney+ and we wait for the season 2 of Kin, who was filmed this summer in Ireland. You have work to do !
He’s an actor with a lot of abilities, he played a lot of differents characters and personnalities but his performance as Matt Murdock/Daredevil is really something to discover, he’s incredible in it. Do not miss the show !