REBEL MOON’: Netflix’s new gem !

We were recently thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in a series of previews in collaboration with Netflix. After discovering in exclusivity “My Life with the Walter Boys” and “Leave the World Behind” , we were invited to a preview screening of the platform’s new film entitled “Rebel Moon”. Without further ado, let’s dive into our review of this cinematic experience:

The plot of “Rebel Moon” begins on Veldt, a moon that looks like Jupiter and Saturn. Kora, a young farmer, works alongside other women in her community to cultivate the fields on this remote moon. The story takes an intense turn when fascists appear. They are the representatives of the colonial power of Mother Earth. Among them is Atticus Noble, a ruthless admiral who leads the army serving the recently murdered King and Queen of the Mother World. Their vicious demand to deliver the entire harvest threatens the town of Kora. To face this threat, Kora goes in search of warriors capable of training her people to defend themselves.


The cast of “Rebel Moon” includes such talents as Sofia Boutella. She plays Kora, a girl with an enigmatic past taken in by a small colony of farmers on the moon of Veldt. Her strength arouses the fear of Atticus Noble, the admiral of the Mother World, played by Ed Skrein. Atticus’ mission is to capture the Bloodaxe, led by Cleopatra Coleman and Ray Fisher, a group of insurgents fiercely pursued by the Mother World. Gunnar, a farmer played by Michiel Huisman, and Kaï, played by the incredible Charlie Hunnam, join Kora in this adventure. New recruits include Doona Bae (Nemesis), Djimon Hounsou (Titus), Staz Nair (Tarak), and E. Duffy (Milius). A line-up of incredible actors for a film you’re sure to love!


Rebel Moon” lead the audience into a universe clearly inspired by “Star Wars“, with its different planets, spaceships and atypical-looking aliens. The plot features a great colonial power facing a resistance that unites against the forces of evil, creating a dynamic that looks like the iconic saga. The film is a mix of science fiction and fantasy and it offers aesthetically striking scenes similar to “Dune“. Furthermore, “Rebel Moon” pays tribute to classics such as “Seven Samurai” and nods to the saga “Harry Potter”, with a scene evoking the hippogriff, like in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban“.


At our preview screening of ‘Rebel Moon’, we were transported by the unique experience of seeing it on the big screen. The visual aspect of the film was simply incredible, with breathtaking futuristic landscapes. Despite an interesting plot, there were a few moments of slowness, probably linked to the decision to divide the film into two parts, totaling 4 hours of viewing time. However, a major challenge stems from the lack of context provided for the characters, making it difficult to establish a deep emotional connection with their stories.
While some scenes undeniably have potential, the film’s overall emotional impact falls short of our expectations. This shortcoming can be attributed to a certain haste in character development. Despite its visual beauty and interesting story, the film suffers from a lack of emotional depth. We hope that the second part, announced as epic, will exploit the emotional and narrative aspects of the story to a greater extent, shedding more light on the characters. So look forward to the conclusion of ‘Rebel Moon’ on April 19, 2024.