Clouds Con presents the CAC On Tour

This is a brand new project for Clouds Con but also a new project in France. With the success of their first “On Stage” and online conventions. The organization launches the “On Tour”.

It is surely a national tour that awaits you. Indeed, Clouds Con will take you with them to different corners of France for a series of conventions with the actors of your daily series. And to start the festivities, the first CACOT will be with Mikaël Mittelstadt. Remember, it is with Mikaël that the CACOS started. And it was a big success. You can find our souvenir video right here :

This first edition of the CACOT will take place in Nîmes, on Saturday, 30th of April. You can already get your extras on the ticketing linked right here :

We hope to see a lot of you there, Mikaël is an incredible actor who does not hesitate to make his fans happy.