DreamIt At Home 15 : DreamIt keeps on with a marathon of announcements!

You will surely not escape the ‘sauce’! No less than 6 fandoms are affected for this fifteenth edition. If the announcement of Tom Ellis and James Lafferty was a big success, it is the fandom of The 100 and that of Shadow & Bone which could be happy to have the return of two former guests.

Henry Ian Cusick, known for his roles in the TV show Lost and The 100, was announced first. He will be present on September 19th to participate in several activities such as: 1-1s, autographs, a panel, videos

Calahan Skogman, known for his role in the famous series Shadow and Bone, will be present on Saturday, September 18. The actor will do the same activities as Henry Ian Cusick.


As always, you can find all the info (tickets, guests and special activities) on the DreamIt At Home 15 page !