GROUNDERS IN PARIS: Our opinion on the new ‘The 100’ convention in Paris!

After a four-year absence, SoundsOfSeries returned to cover a convention for The 100. Reunited Events invited us to join them on July 1st and 2nd, 2023 for the launch of “Grounder in Paris“, the new Parisian convention dedicated to the series. We were there on Saturday, and here is our recap of the day.


After an absence of four years, fans of The 100 series finally had the chance to catch up with their favorite actors at a long-awaited convention. No fewer than eight actors showed up for this first edition. Among them were Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Henry Ian Cusick, to name a few. They were joined by Tasya Teles, Christopher Larkin, Lola Flanery and Thomas McDonell. Chelsey Reist was also present, and received a warm welcome from fans on stage at the end of the afternoon.
With the exception of Lola, all the actors had already had the opportunity to meet fans at previous ‘The 100’ conventions, so this edition was all about reunions. Fans were so happy to be reunited with their favorite actors that they were almost shy during the Q&A sessions during the panels.


It is worth pointing out that the actors maintained their incredible complicity, which reassured and inspired confidence in the fans. This complicity between the actors helped to reduce the stress felt by fans at previous panels. Although we did not have access to the extras for this edition, the feedback was extremely positive, both in terms of the complicity between fans and actors, and the staff’s handling of the extras. We’d also like to express our gratitude to the staff for their generosity and patience!


The convention was a most enjoyable experience. The Reunited Events team rose to the challenge brilliantly and offered fans a unique experience. Previous ‘The 100’ conventions have been less intimate, and that, in my opinion, is the great strength of “Grounders in Paris”. Fans had the opportunity to experience special moments with the series’ actors. Despite a few minor hitches and delays, the organizers showed great professionalism and managed the event with courage, making it a complete success in our eyes. The fans’ passion for this first edition is confirmed, and is already generating enthusiasm for a second edition of the convention. Let’s hope for a “Grounders in Paris 2”!

We left you a little souvenir right here! We look forward to seeing Reunited Events at the Teen Wolf convention in Paris in October 2023.