HALLOWEEN ENDS: The ultimate fight!

While the first trailer of the ‘Halloween Ends’ trilogy is scheduled for July 20, 2022, we already have a lot of information about the finale! We tell you more…


Halloween Ends is the duel that will conclude the trilogy. Indeed, according to John Carpenter, we will attend the face to face of Michael Myers (the killer) and his victim Laurie Strode. A duel that fans of the films have been waiting for. John also promises a very different film from the other two. But we don’t have any other information about it yet.

Halloween is a film series that has been very popular since its inception. With already eight films, Halloween Ends will close the trilogy. The movie will be released on Friday, October 14, 2022, which is good since we will all be in the Halloween mood. However, even if we are promised a worthy finale, we all know that there will be no real ending. John Carpenter said that they will continue the trilogy “as long as there is money to be made”. On the other hand, Ryan Freimann who is the executive producer says that this film will serve as the official ending for Halloween. It’s hard to know what to expect. We’ll probably know more very soon.