HEARTSTOPPER: Our opinion on the second season!

It was with great excitement that we were able to preview the second season of ‘Heartstopper‘, a series adapted from the graphic novel of the same name. After being won over by the first season, we had the chance to dive back into this captivating and moving universe. We give you our opinion on the second season in our spoiler-free review!


The second season of ‘Heartstopper’ brings several key characters to the fore. While retaining the beloved duo of Nick and Charlie as the series’ common thread, we will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the stories of other duos. The duo Elle and Tao, as well as Tara and Darcy, will take center stage in this season, offering us exciting new developments. In addition, we will learn more about the characters of Imogen and Isaac, who will gain in importance in the plot. Finally, new characters, such as James and Mr. Farouk, will make their appearance and become an essential part of this second season. These new perspectives promise an even richer and more moving exploration of the bonds forged between the various characters in ‘Heartstopper’.


This second season promises to be full of challenges for each duo! Indeed, each of the characters will face dilemmas that will threaten their relationships. Nick will have to come to terms with his coming-out, while Charlie will have to juggle his studies and his health. For Elle and Tao, the balance between friendship and love will be put to the test, forcing them to question whether it’s possible to risk such a great friendship for potential love. Other issues will be added to these already complex situations. We will leave you to discover them for yourself. And although the characters of Imogen and Isaac are not part of the books, they will indeed be present in this second season, adding new dimensions to the plot. It looks like emotions will be running high in this season, promising an intense experience for viewers.


The second season of ‘Heartstopper’ proved to be an unqualified success! This new season offers us a gradual immersion into the lives of the characters, shedding light on some of the key events of the previous season. By highlighting several duos and their respective stories, this season gains in dynamism while tackling important and relevant subjects. The introduction of characters new to the books adds a touch of freshness, enabling new storylines to be woven. Fervent readers of the books will be pleasantly surprised by unexpected twists and turns.

See you on August 3rd for the official release of the second season of Heartstopper on Netflix.