MoonKnight: The new Marvel series

This is the event series for the fans of the Marvel universe, and a chance for the less passionate of the universe to discover a really different series and a hero who leaves us on our amazement. This article contains no spoilers, only information about this one and the opinion of a Marvel fan who discovers an episode every week on Disney +.

We are going to give you some small information about the series, not negligible:

  1. The series follows the events of the last movies/series of the MCU and therefore of the Marvel universe
  2. Oscar Isaac (Star-Wars, Dune…) has the main role
  3. The Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, has been recruited to direct several episodes
  4. The series marks the last screen appearance of the actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died in January 2022 of a skiing accident
  5. The shooting took place in Budapest
  6. James Gunn, writer and director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films said in 2017 that he had presented a Moon Knight movie to Marvel, but he did not have time to work on the project
  7. In 2021, Kevin Feige said that some of their series, such as She-Hulk and Moon Knight, were structured to be adaptable to future seasons, unlike series like WandaVision that were developed to lead to feature films

The synopsis:

Steven Grant, a low-key employee of a London museum gift store, is plagued by power outages and memories of a past life. Steven discovers that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge on them, they must navigate their complex identities while being plunged into a deadly mystery among the powerful Egyptian Gods.

We come to my opinion after seeing the first two episodes on Disney +, there is only one episode per week for 6 episodes.

The series surprised me a lot? I didn’t expect to like this one so much, and only after watching the first episode. Oscar Isaac is incredible in this role, he takes on two very distinct roles (Steven and Marc) and gives MoonKnight an incredible essence with this costume. The Egyptian Gods have a very important place in the series, being the main subject and I could not but be enchanted by this, having been a child who only breathed Egypt for many years. The scenes are dynamic, fluid, with a touch of humor that helps to de-dramatize what Steven is going through but is not at all heavy. No worries about understanding the story, at least during the first two episodes, I can’t wait to see more, it’s a series I look forward to every week, and I love being in that state of mind.

We can only advise you to take a look at the series, it’s a piec of art and it really changes from what we are used to see at Marvel, the introduction of MoonKnight in the new phase of the MCU is superb.