The long awaited return of the Supernatural cast

After several postponements because of the covid, the Supernatural fans could finally meet at the DarkLight Convention 4 of People Conventions. Let’s have a look at this more than expected convention.

For this reunion, the actors came in number. Fans were able to meet the regulars such as Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Adam Fergus, Ruth Connell, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster and Alexander Calvert. This convention also marks the first time that Misha Collins, the interpreter of the one and only Castiel, comes to France.

We start the day with energy!

As soon as they arrive on stage, the tone is set. It will be a weekend under the sign of good humor and laughter. Everyone is eager to get started. And what better way to start than with Rob and Richard’s panel? “The Kings of Cons” as they are known, live up to their name. The two friends take pleasure in answering the questions of the fans, so much so that we don’t see the time pass and it’s already time for the individual photos.

In order to respect a distance for some of the actors, People Conventions had the excellent idea to build a decor worthy of an investigation of the Winchester brothers. In the mysterious atmosphere of this cemetery, the fans find each in turn Misha, Rob and Richard who chain together pictures more zany than the others. In the other studios, the rest of the actors are not left out. Thus Adam shows his best dance steps and Alex welcomes with a big smile the fans. Everyone is happy to meet again.

While the extras are going on, the fans in the panel room are not bored! People Conventions has planned many activities so that no one gets bored. For example, a conference on fortune-telling was organized.

And in the afternoon we start again

After the lunch break, everyone meets in the room for Ruth and Adam’s panel. And the least we can say is that they are in good shape ! While the interpreter of Rowena is a little late, Adam prepares a little joke. Indeed the same evening, Ireland and Scotland face each other in a rugby match. Ruth being Scottish and Adam Irish, he asks all the fans to welcome Ruth by chanting “Go Green” (referring to the Irish team).

But this one has more than one trick up its sleeve. Or in her pocket, we should say. So she takes out a gigantic Scottish flag. Adam responds by putting a T-shirt representing Ireland. The debate is launched to know who should win the match. And for several minutes, rugby becomes the main topic of discussion. And after this great discussion, the two actors end up answering questions from the fans.

After their panel, the extras resume with the duo and trio photos. Kim, Briana and Ruth meet again for a female trio while the duo Richard and Rob invest the studio with the set for their photoshoot. In turn, the mythical duos of the series are reunited, as for example Mark Sheppard and Ruth Connell or Mark Pellegrino and Alexander Calvert.

After these activities, the fans gather for the last panel of the day, that of Misha Collins. The actor is very attentive to the questions of the fans and takes the time to answer them in the most complete and precise way possible. He shares for example a very dear memory to his heart, that of his last shooting, when the team made him a surprise with cakes and a montage of his moments on the set.

Once the panel is over, all the actors participate in the Private Session before leaving for an autograph session. They all take the time to chat with each fan. These moments are always very special for the fans as well as for the actors because it’s the perfect opportunity to chat. And nobody misses it.

We’ll see you soon?

If we could only make one day of the DarkLight Convention 4, what a day of reunion! What a pleasure to find this cast that we had missed so much! The laughter and the joy were there. Thanks to People Conventions for this great event. And if you think you’ll have to wait a long time to see them again, don’t worry! People Conventions has indeed announced the fifth edition of the DarkLight Convention. It will take place on October 8 and 9, 2022 at the Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. The organization has already announced 7 guests! We will have the joy to find Misha Collins, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr, Tymothy Omundson, David Haydn-Jones, Dj Qualls and Ty Olsson ! Other announcements should follow.