Outer Banks season 2, another intense season full of surprises!

While season 1 of Outer Banks was released just over a year ago, Netflix is taking us on another journey with this second season. Season 1 had been an escape for many since this one came out while we were all stuck at home. Fans will noT be disappointed with this new season which is even more intense and eventful than the first.

As a reminder, in the first season, we discovered John B and his friends: JJ, Kiara and Pope, all of whom are “pogues” (from the poor side of the island) except for Kiara who has a former pogue father and a kook (rich side) mother. While John B is an orphan following tHe disappearance of his father at sea nine months earlier, new elements embark him on a treasure hunt with his group of friends. John B finds himself searching for the famous Royal Merchant, a historic ship that his father spent his life searching for, because he bElieves it will lead him to find his father.

Is The Royal Merchant Real? The 'Outer Banks' Shipwreck Has Roots In History

The Royal Merchant story in season 1

On the islaNd where the story takes place, everyone knows the story of the Royal Merchant: a ship that was lost at sea in the 1800s with apparently no surviving passEngers.

The story is that the ship sank with $400 million worth of British gold on it, and many people have been trying to find out where it was for years. Big John, John B’s father, has dedicated his whole life to finding the famous ship. At the beginning of season 1, the pogues discover documents left behind by Big John that will allow them to go on the search for the Royal Merchant. NeXt, after teaming up with Sarah Cameron, a kook, they discover that there was in fact one survivor of the shipwreck: Denmark Tanney, a former black slave who bought his freedom with gold and then proceeded to purchase a ton of land on The island, including Sarah’s home, Tanneyhill. After visiting the archives of the nearby town, Sarah and John B discover that Tanney wrote to his son on the day he died. With the help of his history teacher, John B. translates the message and realizes that it is a coded message telling Tanney’s son where the gold is. This one is hidden under a sCary woman’s house, in an underground shaft.

Sarah’s father, Ward Cameron, was also Looking for the gold, and after overhearing a conversation between Sarah and John B, he knows that John B is aware of where the gold is. So he took him out on his boat, sUpposedly to fish. However, Ward’s plans were a little different from what John B expected. Indeed, Ward tries to convince him to help him recover the gold and to sharE the booty. John B then decides to deny knowing where The gold is. The situation quickly degenerates and becomes violent. Ward also lets slip that he knew Big John’s compass, and John B deduces that to knOw a detail like that, his girlfriend’s father must probably have something to do with his father’s disappearance, which he will later find conFirmation to. The teenager manages to escape and return to the Island before Ward caN harm him.

Unfortunately, WarD manages to find out Where the gold is and gets to it before tHe group of best friends. He prepares a cArgo ship to send the gold to their home in the Bahamas. John B tries to sTop the plane from taking off with the gold. While at the same time Sheriff Peterkin realizes that the head of the Cameron family had something to do wIth Big John’s disappearance, she tries to arrest Ward for his involvement in the disappearance on the tarmac. But before she can arrest him, Ward’s Son, Rafe, kills the sheriff.
Ward then orders his pilot to fly The plane to the Bahamas while he stays beHind to cover up Rafe’s crime. And the PoguEs lose the gold.

An intense end to the first season

While The gold has flown to the Bahamas, the season does not end theRe. Indeed, after the confrontation on the boat, Ward managEs to make the authorities believe that John B tried to kill him. Then, he decides to cover up his son’s crime, again making it look like the teenAger on the run killed the Sheriff. Thus begins a pursuit between the authorities and John B. This last one tries to prove his innocence by finding Sarah who, apart from Ward, Rafe, John B and the pilot of the plane is the only one to have witnessed the scene, bUt also to prove that Ward killed his father. However, Ward manages to make people believe that his daughter is too much in love to have clear thoughts. Sarah then flees with John B in a small boat in the middle of a storm, they will tRy together to recover the gold and to prove the innocence of John B and the implication of Ward CamEron and his son Rafe.

How does season 1 end?

The season ends with the police losing the signal of Sarah and John B’s boat after they head out into the storm in desperation to escape the authoritIes. So the police, Ward and the rest of the pogues all think that the two lovers are dead since there is no way they could have weathered such a Storm in a simple pleasure boat. Kiara, JJ and Pope begin to grieve for their best friend, and Sarah. Authorities are keeping an eye on Ward and Rafe Cameron, even though they have no incriminating evidence and the prime suspect in the Sheriff’s murder remains John B.

Of cOurse, before the season ends, we learn that Sarah and John B have survived and are rescued by a ship on his way to the Bahamas.


What to expect from this season 2?

We were able to see seasoN 2 before its release, so we’re telling you about it exclusively (spoiler-free, of course)!

At the beginning of season 1 we were slowly introduced to the world of the shOw and as the story progresses it becomes more and more intense, especially with the chase at the end. This season 2 starts very strong in level of intensity! The season picks Up right where we left off with Sarah and John B on their way to the Bahamas and the rest of the pogues mouRning the loss of their friends.

Once again Netflix does not disappoint us with this season which is even richer in twists and actions. You’re not done feeling all kinds of emotions. If the fIrst season focused mainly on John B and Sarah but also JJ’s character among the pogues. This season particularly highlights the characters of Pope and Kiara on the pogues side, while obviously keeping the story focused oN Sarah and John B. On the kooks side, we will also see a lot more of the characters of Rafe and Ward.

Season 2 also introduces new characterS, including a character That should please Pogues fans, Cleo, played by Carlacia Grant. A badAss, fun female character just the way we like them. Fans of Lost will also be deliGhted to find a familiar face, Elizabeth Mitchell, which we will not talk more than that to avoid any spoilers.

And of course, if you liked the tReasure hunting aspect of the first season, then you will be delighted by this new season becAuse the pogues are not done with the Royal Merchant. We are eMbarking on a new adventure full of twists and turns and revelations! Get ready for another incredible journey with a great cast and a season finale that promises great things for a future season 3!

Discover the season 2 of Outer Banks on July 30th on Netflix!