Back on the special Heartstopper virtual day by Empire!

Last Saturday took place the virtual convention “Young Love Lasts Forever” about the Heartstopper series, by Empire Conventions. Back on this memorable day…

This convention was under the line of love and well-being between actors and fans. It was like a little cocoon, a safe place, with Joe Locke aka Charlie Spring, William Gao aka Tao and Yasmin Finney aka Elle.

They were able to share intimate moments with their fans during the 1-1, but for most, the morning was the place for activities. Four were planned so that all the questions of the fans could be answered, between the Joe meeting, the Quiz, the group panel and finally the Taoelle meeting (William and Yasmin). The series or at least the season 1 has no more secret for anyone, and we could have some exclusivities about the season 2, even if the actors learned the renewal almost at the same time as us!

A little recap so that you don’t miss anything of the day, starting with the Joe meeting:

  • Joe was on his way to school when he learned that the series was renewed, a few days before we got the news
  • Joe will have a different haircut for season 2, indeed, Charlie has a little longer hair in the graphic novels
  • Fun fact: During the running scenes, Joe had to push himself in order to look fast and the other actors had to run slower to give this impression
  • Like all fans, Joe can’t help but cry when he sees Nick‘s coming out scene to his mother

During the group panel, and the Taoelle meeting, we have more information about the series:

  • Their favorite scene is the bowling, especially because between two shootings they could play bowling and arcades
  • Netflix gave a training to the actors of the series on social networks, their impacts, to protect them and prepare them for the release of season 1
  • Joe learned from Charlie to be nicer, Yasmin from Elle to be more forgiving and William to wear more hats
  • The shooting of season 2 should start at the end of the summer or at the beginning of the school year according to them
  • Yasmin can’t wait to meet Elle‘s mom and taste her cookies (reference to the books)
  • They are all very eager to film the scene of the trip to Paris, and to be in France

We can’t wait to see all of our favorite characters in season 2, but can we also expect a real convention this time around with Empire Conventions? It’s well on its way!