Skam France : a happy ending for Maya and Lola ?

This ninth season of Skam France is coming to an end and it seems like the fans are not ready to accept the turn that Maya and Lola’s relationship is taking. We are telling you everything right here !

(Spoilers warning !)

A happy ending for Maya and Lola ?

It is already time for the eighth episode of the season 9 of Skam France, the end is approaching and we can tell that the fans remain perplexed… Indeed, after multiple ups and downs, it seems like Maya and Lola’s couple is getting to an end.

Some fans are hoping to get their happy ending, some others think that it may be better for them to remain separated due to the lack of communication within their couple. Also, the last sequences only seem to announce the worst considering the new fights and Maya’s reactions, who even goes through laser sessions to remove a tattoo made in common with her ex…

However, we are starting to understand the principle of Skam and its endings, precisely happy. It is then difficult to imagine the end of “Maya x Lola”…but not impossible.

The actresses’ point of view

As we said, this season turns out to be complicated to watch for the fans, on one hand because one of their favorite ship is coming to an end, but also because of the very strong acting of Flavie Delangle (Lola) and Ayumi Roux (Maya).

The actresses themselves have admitted that shooting some scenes was difficult during the Everything Is Love 5 by Dream It Con on February 19 and 20. It is in particular the case of Flavie, who admits sometimes having a hard time to detach herself from her character.

What do you think ? Do Maya and Lola deserve a happy ending ? Or is it better for them to move on ? As for the Mif, how will it be impacted?