DreamIt At Home : 18 The great reunion since the BTTMW in Paris !

It has now been a little more than two months, since the fans of “Julie and The Phantoms“, “Descendants” and “High School Musical” lived an incredible weekend with the actors ! Indeed, on December 18 and 19, 2021 the first edition of “Back To the Musical World” took place with Kenny Ortega and the actors who have worked with him. If you thought that you would have to wait many months before seeing some of the actors again, they will be at the DreamIt At Home 18 by DreamIt Conventions !

No no, you are not dreaming ! The DreamIt At Home will welcome once again Owen Joyner and Booboo Stewart who would never refuse this privileged moment with the fans. We have to admit that online conventions actually allow to spend an intimate moment with he actors. However, there is no DIAH without a surprise : Charlie Gillespie will do his first online convention on March 12, 2022 with his sidekicks.

We are taking a look on the extras !

The three actors will participate to different activities throughout the weekend. Between meetings alone or with several, with the community or with some fans, the actors will be able to share good moments with the fans. So that the weekend can be even more fun, DreamIt added duo meetings : first there is a meeting Owen/Charlie (which costs 115€) and a meeting Owen/Booboo (which costs 85€). These are activities that will for sure be unforgettable in the light of the duos of December ! You have to be careful with the stock, some extras are already sold-out and some others are close to be sold-out ! That is the case of Charlie’s meeting room (there is only 6 left) for example.

DreamIt Conventions gives some hints :

DreamIt Convention are transparent with the fans about the actors who they try to get. For now, we know that the duo Paige Turco and Henry Ian Cusick are possible for this edition and that it is the same for Thomas Doherty. However, Gavin Leatherwood will not be a part of the guest-list this time, since he still has a few extras to do ! We hope to see him at the DIAH19 (if there is a nineteenth edition).