The Rebels Spartacus VI through the eyes of SoundsOfSeries

Last week took place the very first presential convention in France of 2021. A long awaited return of the fans but also of the organizations, which could have an example of post-covid conventions. It was People Convention who opened the ball with their famous Rebels Spartacus, an event about the Spartacus TV show.


What better way to start the convention season than with Rebels Spartacus VI, a convention close to People Convention’s heart. On the program: Panels, photoshoots, autographs, meetings with Ellen Hollman, Craig Parker, Liam McIntyre, Nick Tarabay and Manu Bennet! With such a great line-up, the atmosphere could only be incredible! And it was. For two full days, fans had the opportunity to be close to the actors, something we didn’t expect to see again anytime soon. And yet, while remaining vigilant, the fans had no restrictions and spent a crazy weekend!


As at every convention there were various activities. First of all, there were the panels. The actors came on stage to answer the questions of the fans, which you can find here. We had the opportunity to talk with Craig, the very first post covid panel, which was more focused on acting in his different projects. He was followed by Nick’s panel, who didn’t hesitate to answer the fans’ questions. All the questions were posted in our live-tweet and are available here. Finally, to end the first day, Ellen came on stage to give us a self defense demonstration, a moment that for us is one of the highlights of the convention. We had never seen an entire room participate and be so attentive! The whole room (and even the staff) was on its feet to practice with its neighbor, a self defense class. The next day, it was around Ellen and Liam! Both confirmed that they were working on new film projects, but could not say more. However, today Ellen has officially been cast in the movie ‘Don’t Suck’. So is this the project she was talking about or another one, we’ll find out later! The day was then finished with the general panel, a very touching panel. It was obviously the panel that closed the weekend with the actors.


As you could see, the SoundsOfSeries team had access to photoshoots and autograph sessions. And the least we can say is that the actors were happy to meet you all. They posed with the fans, laughed with the fans, and even danced! (You who were present at the party, you will remember chenille with Manu..) In short, an atmosphere that did not leave the fans indifferent. The actors refused very few poses (or none at all), and made sure that this first convention was unforgettable! Also for the autographs, the actors took a lot of time with their fans. By the way, a small dedication to Manu who made a (very nice) drawing for a fan, which delayed the closing ceremony ahah! From SoundsOfSeries’ point of view, we found the actors incredible. We understand why People Conventions cares so much about this convention.


It was an incredible convention! We were not bored for a single moment. An atmosphere always present and very accessible actors. A totally successful bet for People Conventions which launches the 2021-2022 convention season in an exemplary way!