A look back at the emotional Stranger Fan Meet 4

We can finally breathe, the normal life is back again step by step. And what we were waiting for the most during this whole Covid period is the come back of the real conventions. People Conventions started with two fantastic conventions two weeks in a row. This weekend we were at SFM4, with the talented Noah Schnapp and Alec Utgoff.

Stranger Things managed to become a worldwide hit very quickly on Netflix. A horrific science-fiction universe, in the 80’s, filled with pop culture references: something to please young people and adults. It is without a surprise that fans wanted to meet the actors.

These Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of September, the SFM4 took place. An opportunity to meet or see again your favorite actors. If Noah is a regular of the conventions with People Conventions, Alec came for the first time. The actor knew how to touch the heart of the fans thanks to his interpretation of Alexei in Stranger Things. He had an important role in season 3 and quickly became one of the most appreciated characters of the show. His presence in Paris has delighted everyone.

The first panel with Alec

On Saturday, it was Alec who started with a first panel. Fans had the opportunity to ask him questions about himself, his career, his experience on the set. And there were a lot of fans. The line behind the microphone was long to talk to him! And a common point among all these people: a lot of emotions when their turn came.

Several questions were about Alexei. Alec confides that he was not totally satisfied with his performance, but that’s the whole point of being an actor. Doubting yourself, questioning yourself, that’s part of the deal. However, he is very happy to see that his character was able to touch the hearts of the fans despite his early death. Moreover, when fans talked about a possible return in the next seasons, Alec remained very mysterious, dodging the question the best he could before saying “anything is possible”. Would Alexei’s come back be possible according to you ? To be honest, even in flashback, we would be happy to see him again!

The actor also revealed that he cried when he witnessed all the love that season 3 of Stranger Things had received. Season where he lived unforgettable moments on the set. In fact, he said that when they were shooting the scenes at the fair, between two takes, they could actually ride the rides.

His favorite part of this experience was the freedom that the film crew gave him in his portrayal of Alexei.

Noah’s panel

Then, the actor left and let Noah Schnapp go onstage so that he could also come and chat with his fans. And the least we can say is that they were a lot. If the line to ask questions to Alec was already quite long, the one for Noah was even more impressive.

The main theme of the panel remained Stranger Things. Questions about season 3, teasing about the upcoming 4, the panel was really interesting.

Noah reveals that his favorite season to shoot was Season 4, and he’s really looking forward to reveal it to the world. Was he saying that because that was the most recent memory in his mind, because he wants to promote the new season, or just because it was a genuinely great season to shoot? Answer very soon on our screens. In any case the teasing worked well because everyone is very eager to discover all this.

His favorite scene to shoot in season 3 was the one with the fireworks in the mall. He also revealed a glaring truth: Noah tried to play Dungeons and Dragons but got bored! That’s probably his biggest difference with the character he portrays, right? However, he says he loves shooting the scenes where they play D&D.

Otherwise, apart from Stranger Things, he talked about his favorite series of the moment and we can find Elite and Money Heist. He said he would love to play in a Spider-man movie. More specifically: the one that will be released in a few months in theaters: Spider Man No Way Home. It’s no surprise that Noah reveals that the actors he would most like to play with are Tom Holland and Zendaya.

The extras with the two actors

After these two emotional panels, the actors went upstairs to take pictures with the fans and sign autographs in order to share moments with all these people who admire them. To be able to talk face to face with your favorite actors and take pictures with them, it’s a dream, isn’t it? Well, it is possible during conventions!

After these extras always appreciated by the fans, Alec came back on stage to answer new questions for this second panel.

Alec’s second panel

Alec also revealed his favorite series of the moment. There is a common point with Noah. Indeed, Alec also quoted Money Heist. Apart from the Spanish series, he also enjoyed Call My Agent! and Lupin. He really enjoys the international series.

Alec says that Dustin is his favorite character because he is very cute and endearing, and he also has potential with this love story. We find the boy in his favorite duo of Stranger Things which is none other than Steve and Dustin. And we understand it! This duo was so unexpected and adorable.

The actor reveals that if he had the opportunity to play in any series, he would choose a historical one with gladiators where he can use swords. I don’t know about you, but we think he would have been perfect in Spartacus, right? Especially since it stays in the theme of People Conventions because we had the chance to meet the actors of Spartacus in Paris the week before!

Sounds Of Series’ conclusion

Anyway, to conclude, this fan meet was just amazing, and the organization was perfect. But coming from People Conventions, we are not surprised! Congratulations again for this incredible day which was appreciated by all the people present. A second post-covid convention just like the first one: perfect.

The actors really played along to make this convention unforgettable for the fans who came from all over the world. If you want to see all our pictures of the SFM4, click here to access the album.