We tell you why you HAVE TO watch Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

The film has just been released in France today, on September 1st. It is also available in other territories, and will be released in two days in the United States. Our advice: go to a theater as soon as you can, because this is one of the best movies of the MCU.

What a good time to be a fan of the MCU! Indeed, for a few months now, there has been a succession of new content releases. Whether on Disney + or in theaters, there is plenty to watch. We have seen the release of Loki, Black Widow, the animated series What If, the first trailer of Spider Man No Way Home and now it’s Shang-Chi’s turn to be in the spotlight.

Are you hesitating to go watch the movie? Don’t worry, we’re here to convince you – without spoilers. Simu Liu brings to life Shang-Chi, a comic book hero created in the 1970s. The young man, nicknamed Shaun in the United States, is a valet in San Francisco. He shares his job with his inseparable friend Katy, played by Awkwafina. When he is attacked by the Ten Rings organization, he has to reconnect with his origins and his family that he left years ago.

The movie is a mix of action, beautiful and striking choreographies, humor, emotions and so on. It is a successful challenge for Marvel!

The MCU is a big family that has been together for more than ten years. And it’s always hard to get in and fit in. To have a movie about a new and unknown character is risky. However, Shang-Chi knows how to impose himself and at the end of the movie you will only have one thing to look forward to: meeting him again alongside our other favorite heroes.

Indeed, we see a new era coming in the Marvel universe. A new Captain America, Robert Downey JR leaving while he was the main character of the MCU. It brings a feeling of sadness and nostalgia. Having too many new characters can be confusing when you’ve been a fan of these movies for over a decade. Marvel has opened the way for this new hero by showing his origin story and we can thank them. Shang-Chi is funny, endearing, charismatic, touching, and above all very badass.

This movie is also very important because for the first time in the history of the MCU, we have an Asian superhero as the main character. The movie includes a lot of Chinese lines and it’s good to have more and more diversity on screen.

In addition to the two actors already mentioned above, we find the talented and charismatic Tony Leung Chiu-wai in the role of Shang-Chi’s father: Xu Wenwu alias the Mandarin. The actor will shock you with his impressive performance. For the MCU fans, keep your eyes open, the movie is full of appearances of some characters that were already present in the previous phases!

Finally, sit tight until the end of the credits. There are indeed two scenes during the credits. One in the middle, and one at the end. Both are interesting and announce what comes next for Shang Chi in the universe. However, the first scene of the credits will make you jump out of your seat we assure you – and in a good way! Try to avoid spoilers as much as possible to really enjoy this experience.

The movie ended with general applause and we totally understand. If you are looking for action, emotion, humor, sensational choreography: go for it. And it’s a Marvel, so in any case, it’s not to be missed. In conclusion, it’s a 10/10 for us, and you should really go watch it

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us once you have watched it!