Feedback on the EVH5 and the announcement of a new guest for the EVH6!

This Saturday, August 28, 2021, we were able to attend the Empire’s Virtual Hangout 5 convention organized by Empire Conventions, and if you couldn’t be there, don’t panic, we’ll take a look back at this moment with the radiant Kiana Madeira.

Lately, there is a lot of movement at Empire Conventions! Between the EVH5 with Kiana, the announcement of Tricia Helfer at the SOHC convention on the theme of Lucifer or the confirmation of the EVH6 on October 16th 2021 with a first guest announcement, everything is moving at an incredible speed. And everything just to please convention fans.

This Saturday, we had the opportunity to attend Kiana’s Q&A and meeting. Ready for a retrospective? Let’s get started!

For those of you who are wondering who Kiana is, she is a Canadian actress that you have probably already seen on your screens. Indeed, she plays the role of Moe in Trinkets, Deena / Sarah in the Fear Street trilogy or Nora in After.

Kiana, who plays in horror movies (Fear Street) said that she is herself a big fan of this type of movies. Indeed, the fear, the goosebumps, she loves it! Her favorite movies are Get Out, Insidious or Scream. The ones that deal with exorcism are the ones that scare her the most.

Out of the three Fear Street films, Part 3: 1966 was the most complicated to shoot. There were a lot of intense scenes to do in a short amount of time. Her favorite moment to shoot was in the first film: 1994. It’s the moment when the killer comes out of the woods with an axe and they have to run away.

In addition, fans have asked what other character she would have wanted to play on Fear Street. To which she replied that Cindy Berman is a good choice. She thinks that this character is quite similar to her. In fact, she says that most of the characters she plays are different from her. It would be a good challenge for her to play someone who looks like her mentally. On the other hand, she hopes to evolve for a long time in this field and waits for the day when she has to play a mother.

In addition to questions about Fear Street, we were able to get several pieces of information about the young actress. For example, her book recommendation is: Ten Thousand Doors of January. We also know that she would love to work with Brie Larson or Rita Moreno. As for the places she would like to visit, we find Ireland, Costa Rica or Portugal where her father comes from.

Kiana then talks about her experience on Wynnona Earp. Indeed, we can find her under the name of Poppy. She loved playing this role, especially since the filming took place in Canada, and the actors -which she describes as very talented- were Canadian like her.

In short, it was a great time with an actress who is as pleasant as she is talented. The fans were delighted to talk with her and it was the same for her. The young woman never hesitated to ask the people present about their opinions by returning the questions that had been asked to her. This Q&A and meeting was a real dialogue.

If you couldn’t attend this edition, don’t panic! Empire Conventions is back to offer you a new convention: the EVH6!

If all this made you want to share moments with your favorite actors, it’s possible! Save the date, on October 16, 2021, Empire Conventions will be back. Indeed, soon you too will be able to meet the artists you love so much.

For Shadow and Bone fans, buckle up because it’s none other than Freddy Carter aka Kaz Brekker who is going to be there to chat with you.

If you want to meet him, we’ll see you right away on the ticket website, and we’ll see you on the 16th with this talented actor!

Who else would you like to meet at EVH6? We suggest you check out Empire Conventions’ Twitter right here as they frequently post polls!