Sacha Carlson talks about the moment that touched him the most on the set of Julie and The Phantoms !

The first season of Julie and The Phantoms, allowed us to discover Sasha Carlson, a young 16 year old actor when he first appeared in the series. The latter conquered fans’ heart really fast. A few days after his announcement at a virtual convention, the SoundsOfSeries team offered him an interview.

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Sacha really appreciated shooting Julie and The Phantoms, and mostly interpreting Nick. For him, his character and him are almost the same. “We’re a lot alike, I can tell! He loves music, he loves to play the guitar! It is one of my greatest passions”. It is true that having met Sacha on several occasions, there are many similarities with his character.


During our interview with Sacha, the latter told us that a moment on the shooting had marked him a lot. To a point where he even remembers the date! The shooting took place on October 26, 2019. On that day, the actors were all together to shoot the “Bright” scene. It was the very first musical scene they had shot. “The energy was amazing!” tells Sacha, “It was so emotional for everyone. It was like the story came to life”.

He adds that it was a very special moment for him, and that he won’t forget about it.


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