Every month from now on, Sounds Of Series shares with you its selection of new series not to be missed for the month to come. Between the releases on all the different platforms it’s sometimes complicated to find your way, but don’t panic, we are here to help you!

1. Love & Death

In this new series expected on HBO Max on April 27, Elizabeth Olsen (Marvel) plays a woman suspected of murdering her friend. The series revisits the moment when this Texas housewife, Candy Montgomery, killed the wife of her lover — played by Jesse Plemons (Black Mirror) — with an axe in 1980.

Within its 7 episodes, Love & Death will tell this true story based on an event that took place 40 years ago.

2. Transatlantic

Airing for the closing night of the Séries Mania Festival in Lille, Transatlantic will be released on Netflix on April 7. The series plunges us into 1940 in Marseille, where the protagonists risk their lives to help more than 2,000 refugees to flee occupied France, including many artists and writers on the Nazis’ most wanted list. Thus, this international gang of young heroes and their famous protégés occupy a villa on the outskirts of a city where danger mixes with surprising collaborations and intense love stories.

This historical series revisits the true story of an American journalist Varian Fry, Mary Jayne Golg and the Emergency Relief Committee. Varian Fry landed in Marseille at the age of 32 with only $3,000 in his pocket and a list of 200 Jews, artists and intellectuals to save from the Nazis in one month. Composed of 7 episodes, Transatlantic was created by Anna Winger and written by Daniel Hendler, based on the novel “The Flight Portfolio” by Julie Orringer. Together they have already created the successful series Unorthodox.

3. Dead Ringers

The series is a new adaptation of David Cronenberg’s 1988 film Dead Ringers, that will be available on Prime Video on April 21. The 6-episode miniseries tells the story of two twins – played by Rachel Weisz – who share everything: drugs, lovers, and an unconcealed desire to do whatever it takes, including pushing the boundaries of medical ethics, in order to challenge outdated practices and put women’s health first.

Dead Ringers is a new thriller that seems like Netflix’s Ratched, although only a few information is available at the moment.

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