Discover “Private Practice” the first spin-off of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Calling all Grey’s Anatomy fans! The spin-off of the TV show “Private Practice” arrives on Disney + in France, it is the occasion to make you discover this wonderful series!


Private Practice” is the first Grey’s Anatomy spin-off in 6 seasons and it follows the life of Addison Montgomery. The surgeon decides to leave Seattle Grace Hospital and its greyness to join the sun of California. Addison will trade in her pink scrubs to join the Oceanside Wellness Clinic, which specializes in fertility and alternative medicine. Her college friends Sam and Naomi run the clinic.

Addison will also have psychiatrist Violet Turner, pediatrician Cooper Freedman, alternative medicine and infectious disease specialist Pete Wilder and receptionist and midwife intern Dell Parker as colleagues.

All members of the practice staff have privileges at the local St. Ambrose Hospital, where Charlotte King is Chief of Staff, Urologist and also a sexologist in the practice.

In Santa Monica, we find Addison who continues to help pregnant women while looking for love and to have a child of her own.


We find the talented Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery and Audra Mcdonald and Taye Diggs in the roles of Naomi and Sam Bennett. Amy Brenneman plays Violet Turner, Paul Adelstein plays Cooper Freedman and Tim Daly as Pete Wilder. The iconic Charlotte King is played by KaDee Strickland and from season 4 we can see Amelia Shepherd played by Caterina Scorsone.


No doubt that the creator of the series is Shonda Rhimes since we find as much drama as in Grey’s Anatomy. All the cast members give excellent performances in each episode. They all fit together very well and it feels like watching old friends working together. The characters are complex yet very relatable. The story is always fresh and unpredictable. Plus, each episode gets better and better. So we can only recommend this series!