DreamIt At Home 15 : Two first guests, two headliners !

No surprise, DreamIt announced that the DreamIt At Home 15 would take place before the end of the summer. If during the second edition, unexpected guests like Danielle Campbell or Malte from the Young Royals series were announced, this fifteenth edition is already looking exceptional. Indeed, DreamIt is now tackling two mythical series!


The first guest announced was Tom Ellis, the main actor of the Netflix series Lucifer. He will indeed be present on September 19th to participate in several activities such as: 1-1s, autographs, a panel, videos… The team highly recommends him! He is such a lovely actor with his fans as well as James Lafferty, the second actor confirmed for Saturday. Known for his role in One Tree Hill, this is his very first virtual convention! He will also be doing the same activities as Tom.


These two guests announce that there is a lot to come! There will be one announcement per day until Friday. Shadowhunters fans can rest since they are not scheduled for the fifteenth edition for the moment. But, these next announcements, will touch more than 6 fandoms, so you’ll be in the sauce no matter what!


As always, we put all the info (ticketing, guests and special activities) on the DreamIt At Home 15 page!