Joe and William from Heartstopper, at the theater!

The announcement was made yesterday, we will be able to find this summer two actors of the series Heartstopper at the theater for only two weeks, in London. What’s it about? We tell you everything.

Joe Locke and William Gao

It’s Joe Locke (Charlie Spring) and William Gao (Tao), from the Netflix series Heartstopper, who have been announced to cast a new play “The Trials“.

The play is set in the near future and revolves around a trial where children on a jury judge the contributions of the older generation to the climate crisis. This story is very topical, the young will be the generation that will have to suffer the choices of the older generation and when that happens, what will happen to them?

The Trials

We will be able to discover it from August 12 to 27, 2022 at the Donmar Warehouse theater in London. Tickets go on sale on July 01 for fans who will be lucky enough to get there!

As a reminder, we may have the chance to meet the Heartstopper cast in a real convention with Empire Conventions! We keep our fingers crossed!